The prestigious project, designed by Studio Arch. Albini associated, involves the construction of a new logistics and operations center in Milan, just outside the city center strategic area.

The design choice privileged the demolition of the existing building and the establishment of a new property in respect of pre-existing template.

Energy comfort is optimized by means of a double-skin façade with external display with shovels movable sunshades on the south / southwest / west sides and a double-skin façade on the northern front with fixed outer skin, so as to minimize heat loss. The result is a variable-skin façade, which offers broad flexibility to an internal modular glazed skin, alternating opaque parts on the north side, is placed before a second perforated leather, brushed stainless steel perforated content between 2 laminated glass, made with blades vertical on each floor, that open or be closed according to the light conditions.

AZA was responsible for the realization of double skin facades, coatings, of sunscreens, canopies and parapets, in collaboration with Ediltecno Renovators, General Contractor of the whole work, and Tekne spa designer of structures and facilities

Rolex Italia spa


Double Skin Facade
Shadyng Systems
Special Structure
Mq. 4.000


Studio Arch. Albini



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