Avant-garde architecture, functionality and respect for environment, are the characteristics of the new “Costa Palace”, the sailing company headquarters, in the heart of Genoa.

The Palace is a fusion of futuristic solutions and visual impact, result of a careful research and union of aesthetics and “made in Italy” design with functionality and sustainability. Innovative glass roof and large plates, an area of 1,500 square meters, covered square, on the third floor, put the focus on the idea of lightness and transparency.

“The essential element of this project is the simplicity – told the architect Marcello Albini – that means avoiding purely spectacular and extreme solutions and focus on harmony of forms, the choice of materials and their finishes, on respect of safety standards and current criteria for the construction of plants in energetic savings. Another important aspect is the respect of the context where the Palace fits.”

From this, the architect start to imagine the new facade of the building, in clear glass, which will be colored with all the shades of blue, the color of sky and sea. The shades will change with the light changing during the day, creating a special effect. Glass is the absolute protagonist of this new building: in the first two floors to create “sails” effects and in the upper floors to create a giant glass case, especially silkscreened to give the feeling of a big ice cube

Costa Crociere SpA




Stick Facade
Special Structures
Mq. 5.000


Studio Arch. Albini



> Steel and glass curtain walls for cutting-edge architectures <

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